Brand and model: AUTOSAN SANCITY 12LF
Places: 26 seated places + 79 standing places + driver + wheelchair or:

40 seated places + 58 standing places + driver + wheelchair

Tyres: 275/70 R22.5
Engine: CUMMINS EURO VI – 204 kW (277.5 CV)
Gearbox: Automatic gearbox with Retarder
Brakes: Disc brakes, double circuit, with pneumatic control, ASR
Sizes: Length: 12,000 mm – width: 2,550 mm – height: 3,100 mm
Passengers doors: Double front, middle and rear door, with electro pneumatic control from the driver’s seat
Wheelchair lift: Manual wheelchair lift on the middle door
Inner covering: Laminated roof and side panelling, anti-slivery floor
Seats: Plastic seats with lined covering
Driver’s area: Half-closed driver’s area
Conditioning: Air conditioning
Heating: Water heating connected with the engine cooling system + convectors + heaters
Ventilation: Electrically controlled roof hatches and sliding windows. Ventilation unit in the front and exhaust fan in the roof
Rear view mirrors: Heated, electrically controlled mirrors
Chassis: Stainless steel chassis, integrated with the structure of the coachwork
Coachwork: Rectangular tubes made of stainless steel and welded, external panels and side flaps made of aluminium.
Batteries: 2 x 225 Ah
Kneeling Yes

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